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Nadira & Reginald

"I did not cry when I got engaged or when I walked down the aisle to exchange vows with the love of my life. But, let me tell you, when I saw the masterpiece that Fernando and his team put together….I wept! (Pretty sure I saw a tear trickle down my husbands cheek as well). They so beautifully captured the emotion of the day that I hadn’t really noticed with all of the hustle and bustle at the time. Small glances between my husband and I, stolen kisses, and the audio and music was incredible."


Weddings represent the kind of love humans are capable of expressing. Weddings are a commitment to love through thick and thin. They are a call to persevere together, to find joy together. They are something to believe in.


Ellyce Wedding Films captures love because we believe in love.

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Love inspires.
Love changes everything.

We are here to capture it.

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We believe in love because we believe in each other.

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