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Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings have you shot?

I have personally shot well over 500 weddings over the course of 19 years. All of our contractors have shot at least 50 weddings.

How long do you need to be there?

It is best practice if we arrive at least one hour before the bride puts on her dress, and for us to leave a half hour after the dance floor opens. You may want to add hours if you have a unique moment happening beforehand or after this time period.

Who will be at my wedding?

Depending on the package you pick, you may have one-to-three videographers on hand. Usually, for the getting ready part of the day, you will only have one videographer present. Everyone on the team is friendly and professional!

How do you capture sound?

We place a small lavaliere mic on the groom during the ceremony. If you have wedding gifts or letters for each other, you can decide if you want audio recorded; we prefer to have audio. During the reception, we plug into the DJ's system. (Confirm with your DJ if you want to be sure!) We always have a backup mic during the ceremony and reception. 

Do we need to feed you?

We do ask that you provide a meal for us at the reception. You do not need to have us sit with your guests unless that is easier for you or the venue. Most venues will have a space dedicated for vendors to eat.

Do you pick the music?

Yes, we pick the music for your final videos. We pay to copyright music from a couple of sites. Most popular songs cannot be legally licensed for a reasonable price. If desired, you can look through the websites we use and let us know what you like.

When will I get my videos?

Your videos will be ready between 8-to-12 weeks after your wedding. For some of you asking for several services we may ask for an extra week or two to make sure your videos are spectacular. You can request expedited editing to receive your videos in less than four weeks for an additional cost. Check out the pricing calculator on our pricing page to see how it effects your final cost.

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